Creating Customer
Identity Resolution

Today’s multi-device ownership and constant device switching results in fragmented user identities, creating significant problems for marketers.

By only targeting devices and not actual people, it also generates broken communication and irrelevant, intrusive ads, leading to negative consumer experiences. 

With advanced machine learning capabilities in place,’s Cross-Device Identity Graph finds connections between devices to predict which devices belong to the same user and enables your brand to better market to consumers using multi-device strategies and optimally allocate your marketing budget.


Identifies all connected devices belonging to one user 

Enables people-based marketing and analytics across devices

Delivers higher revenues at lower cost for companies and coherent communication with consumers

Private Identity graph

Gain holistic understanding of your audience with deeper cross-device insights.

Draw more personalized, enriched insights from your own data by gaining direct access to the Private Identity Graph, specifically designed to fit your business needs.

Common use cases

Customer Journey Analysis

Multi-touch Marketing Attribution

Campaign Insights and Reporting

CRM Remarketing

Geographical coverage

Public Identity graph

Enlarge your current audience device pool with additional devices belonging to exactly those users in your target group.

Ensure that you are creating seamless brand communication and holistic consumer experiences across all devices of your customers.

Common use cases


Audience Amplification


Geographical coverage

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