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Cross-Device Technology:

Today’s consumers are living a multi-device reality where switching digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, and more, has become second nature. This multi-device ownership and constant switching results in fragmented user identities, which may lead to negative consumer experiences through broken communication and irrelevant, intrusive ads.

Revolutionize your relationship with your audience with’s proprietary Cross-Device Technology by engaging people, and not their devices.

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Cross-Device Media Solutions:

People convert, devices do not. Use our proprietary cross-device media solutions to enrich your advertising campaigns and seamlessly communicate with your audience regardless of device.

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Cross-Device Technology Solutions:

Gain direct access to the Cross-Device Identity Graph to build personalized tech solutions to combat today’s fragmented user identities. Gain untapped cross-device insights and start uncovering the customer journey.

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Knowledge center:

Looking to learn more about the world of cross-device advertising? Check out our knowledge center to discover the most up-to-date industry news and events, blog articles and white papers. Don’t forget to use our FAQs and Help Desk to help answer any of your additional questions.

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Privacy by design:

At, privacy is paramount. We’ve built our entire cross-device technology to strictly compile to all German and EU privacy regulations in order to ensure that is the partner of choice to privacy conscious companies. As the first ever company to be certified General Data Protection Regulations ready (GDPR-ready), is verifiably the most privacy compliant cross-device identity graph provider in Europe.

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Want to learn more about the innovative team responsible for’s proprietary cross-device technology?

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