Some thoughts on the imminent departure of our old friend the third-party cookie - by Kevin Mullen TL; DR I might be slightly sentimental about the departure of the third-party cookie as it has been a significant feature in the web and AdTech for years. I sympathize with companies whose business model will be or has been disrupted, but at the same time I’m terribly excited about the opportunity… Read more
Will closing the door on IDFA open the door to Ad Fraud? - By Kevin Mullen / Managing Director / Is Apple concerned with fraud detection in iOS14 or not? Put in another way, are they aware of significant ad fraud blindspots in the upcoming iOS and planned discouragement of IDFA? I started to think about the issue because an adtech noob friend asked me an interesting… Read more
A world without cookies (it’s not as bad as it sounds) - upcoming “crumbling of the (third party) cookie” or “the death of the cookie,” or the “post-cookie world,” however you want to call it, is significant, and all parties in eCommerce and online advertising must prepare for big changes in the next two years. Read more
Collaborating for a common good: TCF v2.0 - was an early adopter of the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF), which was created to help all parties to display and manage digital advertising and develop targeted content complying with the the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Privacy Directive (ePD) when processing personal data and or accessing and storing information… Read more
Perspectives on cookie-less future - Every day while scrolling on social media or reading news, we see articles about cookie-less future and its impact on the advertising industry. Even more often we find questions about how the business will look like and what should be done ASAP.  We decided to ask our colleagues to share their opinion on the trend… Read more
Team Event 2020 - This week we had our annual Kickoff Event in Poznan, Poland. It involved team workshop, discussions about the future, sport activities, tasty food and some drinks:) Now we are energized and motivated for the whole year and are ready to implement all our ambitious plans in life! Stay tuned for more news soon! We are… Read more

News is now in Lithuania - Great news - opened a new office in Lithuania. From now on there is a team of Roq.Stars here, ready to challenge the identity industry and bring cross-device to you. Roq.Stars are now in Lithuania We are excited about the new year and all the interesting projects. At the moment is rapidly growing… Read more technology won IAB Poland award! - We are excited about ROPO360 Analytics getting recognition with more awards in Poland! technology ROPO360 Analytics won IAB Poland award!  A campaign created in cooperation with AdRetail "Cost per ROPO: a new approach to digital activity" was prepared for Leroy Merlin with the METS Agency.  It received 2 awards at the IAB MixxAwards in the… Read more establishes cooperation with - The aim of this cooperation is to study the effects of ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) between visiting websites and visiting physical stores. This will allow advertising campaigns to reach users more effectively - regardless of the device they use. The cooperation between and not only will provide clients with a comprehensive, 360-degree… Read more

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