Cross-Device Use Cases

Regardless of industry, today consumers interact with brands across multiple devices, including their PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other emerging devices like smart speakers, connected TVs, etc.

Understanding your audience and their online behavioral patterns are crucial to define the perfect strategy to increase engagement between your brand and consumers. helps leading brands to improve digital advertising and digital analytics through the use of Cross-Device Technology. 

To do so uses probabilistic modeling, analyzing anonymous data from multiple sources, website, mobile application or media campaign traffic, and runs machine learning algorithms on this data in order to determine whether “tablet X” and “smartphone Y” belong to the same person or household.

Our Latest Projects

Audio advertising marketer – RMS


  • Connect all devices incl. smart speakers (e.g. Amazon Alexa) to a consumer to serve synchronized advertising across all consumer devices


  • Higher revenue: Cross-device technology enables RMS to charge higher CPMs for synchronized campaigns (vs. unsynchronized ones)
  • Fight «GAFA»: The biggest RMS customer is GroupM (part of WPP) who is used to cross-device targeting on GAFAs. is a means for RMS to stay competitive vs. GAFAs and to continue attracting budgets from GroupM

Retailer –
Leroy Merlin


  • Measure the impact of all digital marketing channels on the offline visitations at 70 store locations in Poland


  • ROI increase compared to previous campaigns by 36%
  • Digital customer acquisition cost reduction by 52% from February 2019 to March 2019
  • Store visitation uplift of 18% from March 2018 to March 2019
  • Online media budget optimization based on offline shopper traffic

Airline – Hainan Airlines


  • Increase ticket sales for business class travelers
  • Increase qualified click traffic on the global website
  • Increase website traffic


  • During the campaign customer observed a considerable increase in web traffic as well as greater conversions in ticket sales
  • Base audience was increased by 35%. In general, 30% of clicks were generated from the extended audience
  • The customer was highly satisfied with the performance of the campaign, and therefore used technology for additional campaigns for five additional countries in EMEA

TV analytics provider


  • Analyze returning visitors coming from multiple devices
  • Track and map all device IDs to the same users
  • Measure the conversion rate of visitors who return to a client’s website with a different device


  • 16% – Percentage of connected cookies from collected data set
  • 7% – Percentage of users with more than 1 device
  • 66% – Growth in conversion numbers
  • 60% – Growth in conversion amount

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