Cross-Device Technology

Reach people across all their devices.’s cutting-edge Cross-Device Technology – compliant with strict German privacy laws – matches devices to people using proprietary Machine Learning algorithm. Learn more about probabilistic approach in user identification.

The Cross-Device Identity Graph:


Today’s multi-device ownership and constant device switching results in fragmented user identities, creating significant problems for marketers. By only targeting devices and not actual people, it also generates broken communication and irrelevant, intrusive ads, leading to negative consumer experiences. With advanced machine learning capabilities in place,’s Cross-Device Identity Graph actively combats this by calculating connections between devices to predict which devices belong to the same user. By accurately determining which devices belong to the same user, you’re able to create data-driven strategies that focus more on people-based marketing that helps increase engagement with your audience across devices.

Built in-house from the ground up,’s Cross-Device Identity Graph uses probabilistic data to make predictions and deterministic data sets to train the algorithms. only handles data that has been anonymized through a comprehensive hashing process, which renders it completely EU consumer privacy compliant. The Identity Graph was also awarded the GDPR-ready certification seal by ePrivacy, the leading independent adviser on data protection in Europe.

Why do you need Cross-Device

1 Gain deeper cross-device insights about your audience

Understanding your audience and their online behavioral patterns will help you define the perfect strategy to increase engagement. You’ll uncover which devices your users own, how they’re used to interact with your brand, and you’ll gain a more holistic understanding of the consumer journey. Armed with these insights, you can help drive your audience more often to your website or app in order to boost brand affinity. You’ll also be able to identify optimization potential within your website and/or app.

2 Achieve your marketing objectives’s cross-device technology is a great tool designed to help you achieve two of your key marketing objectives: reach and personalization. Consumers on average own 4,7 devices and by identifying all the additional devices belonging to a user, it creates a strategic opportunity for user reengagement that will also increase traffic to your website or app. You’ll also be able to intensify your relationship with your audience through more personalized messaging and you’ll avoid to unintentionally create feelings of user harassment caused by excessive or irrelevant communication.

3 Strengthen your brand

The recent rise of Adblockers is a great example of people building barriers between themselves and irrelevant, intrusive brand communication. By engaging people and not devices, can help you avoid marketing waste and strengthen your overall brand image.
Through a people-based marketing approach, you’ll be able to connect with your audience regardless of what device they’re using, and help convert potential customers into loyal ones. Ensure that you’re creating seamless brand communication and holistic consumer experiences when it matters most.


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