The Consortium enables advertisers to approach a large number of consumers with customized messages.

Berlin, 15. December 2017. Consumers live in a so-called “multi-device reality“. The fact, that we own more and more internet-enabled devices and constantly switch between them causes loss of information and creates something known as fragmented user identities. The Advertising ID Consortium has since its founding in may 2017 made it to its mission to change that.

The Consortium, consisting of global players from the Ad-Tech ecosystem, offers its members a unified, open and privacy compliant identity framework. The solution includes that all participating platforms use standardized cookies which is important for consumer targeting. This will enable advertisers to increase their reach and engage with users faster across their devices with customized and hence more relevant ads.

In addition to the three founding members, AppNexus, Index Exchange and LiveRamp many other renowned Ad-Tech platforms have joined this consortium. is the first ever German Mar-Tech company to join. According to Co-Founder and CEO Carsten Frien, this is an important and consistent step: „The reach for digital campaigns with a specific targeting used to be limited. Those days are over! Through the consortium of the biggest platforms, the reach will be comparable to that of Facebook or Google. Even for specific targeting the reach will be much bigger than what it used to be. All of this will, of course, remain fully automatized and bookable on all major DSPs.

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