Cross-Device Solutions

With cutting-edge cross-device technology, helps you to build stronger relationships with your audience in today’s multi-device reality. With users constantly switching between digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets, desktops and more, the consumer journey has become a complex mix of online and offline stimuli that drive your users to conversion. Revolutionize the connection between your brand and your audience by identifying exactly when and where to engage with your audience in order to help them move through the conversion funnel.

Solution 1:

Direct access to the Cross-Device Identity Graph

Draw more personalized, enriched insights from your own data by gaining direct access to the Cross-Device Identity Graph. Specifically designed to tailor fit your business needs, query the Identity Graph with a list of device IDs or cookies to receive a response with the additional device IDs or cookies associate with the initial request set. By applying the algorithm, is able to discover which devices belong to the same user.

Through a careful process of deduplication, your initial request list is grouped to show devices belonging to actual users that are then enriched with the additional devices belonging to those same users that were not previously identified by you.


Solution 2:

Research Online Purchase Offline (ROPO360)

Measure all online communication channels included in the media plan by evaluating the impact of individual sources on conversions and store visits.

ROPO360 analysis allows you to

  1. Understand the effectiveness of campaign channels.
  2. Adjust next campaigns to the best working sources.
  3. Benefit from increase in ROI

Cross-Device Solutions
Use Case:

Cross-Device attribution

Enhance your understanding of users’ path to purchase beyond the last click with’s cross-device logic. Through cross-device attribution modeling you’ll be able to recognize which devices perform best and are the most influential in driving conversions in order to optimize your media investment across all digital touch points.


Cross-Device Solutions
Use Case:

Cross-Device Customer Journey Analysis

Understand your customers’ journey across all of their devices by powering your BI tool with’s device data. The identification of the true customer journey across all of their devices enables you to understand your customers engagement and behavior along the path of purchase.