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How does the Roq.ad cross-device pixel work? What data is collected?

The Roq.ad cross-device pixel collects 2 kinds of data: probabilistic and deterministic data.
Probabilistic data consists of several heuristic data points, including cookies/IDFAs/GAIDs, encrypted IP address, timestamp, and several more. The Roq.ad marketing graph, where the cross-device magic happens, runs machine-learning algorithms on this data to match devices to users.

Deterministic data consists of hashed login information. This information is hashed before it arrives in the Roq.ad marketing graph.

Roq.ad does not, and never will, collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as name or unhashed email address.

What geo’s are you active in?

The Roq.ad focus is on our home market: DACH – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, because of the strong relationships we have with local (data) suppliers. Secondary focus is on the rest of Europe.

I am interested in learning more about Roq.ad, who do I contact for questions?

Please send a mail to contact@roq.ad, or fill in our contact form here.

How do you make sure the right users are targeted?

The deterministic data gathered by Roq.ad ensures the probabilistic device-matching is done accurately. The Roq.ad Identity Graph is refreshed every day, to make sure the connected devices are still up to date.

How does your API work?

After integration, a client queries the Roq.ad marketing graph directly through API. A query typically consists simply of a (mobile or desktop) cookie or mobile device ID. Roq.ad responds this query with 3 bits of information: 1. The connected devices, 2. The device types (mobile, tablet, connected TV, etc.), 3. The source of the connection (is it based on probabilistic or deterministic data).

API response time is fast enough to be able to use this data in real-time-bidding. And the API is stress-tested to be able to handle up to 80k QPS – higher amounts of data can be discussed.

I do not want to be targeted by campaigns of Roq.ad, what do I do?

That’s no problem, you can easily opt out of all Roq.ad activities on this page.

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